Help Police Help – Sorry We’re Clocking Off

He could hear the cry ringing out. He looked at his watch 2 minutes to clocking off, no point in getting involved the next watch could take it when they came on, in about half an hour.

`Police police help!’

The cry was getting nearer.  It had been this way since the cuts 28,000 had lost their jobs, overtime cut and no extra pay for riot duty. It made him and the others feel like hell but what could they do? orders were orders.  Now with so few on the ground and fewer car patrols the gangs were running riot and the terrorists were having a field day.

A man suddenly careared round the corner.

‘Officer! Officer!’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘I need your help, a woman is being attacked!’

‘How far away is it?’

‘Just a few minutes.’

He looked at his watch again he was off duty, shift had finished. He had to get back to clock off or he’d be in trouble.

‘Ah. That’s a problem Sir.’

‘What do you mean? that woman, she needs help.’

‘Really would like to help you Sir, but you see my shift just finished.’


‘I have to get back to the station and clock off.’

‘What do you mean? a woman is being attacked and you are talking as if you worked in a factory.’

‘Sorry about that Sir. It’s just the rules have all been changed, government spending cuts.’

‘I don’t believe you. What is going on, are you a lunatic’?

‘Harry! Going back to the station’?

‘Yes Fred.’

‘What’s the matter with him’?

‘Say’s a woman is being attacked.’

‘Really: Have you phoned 999’?

‘No! you are policemen, help me’!

‘Well we would like to Sir, but can’t do it any more, have to finish at the end of our shift. We are in trouble already, we should have clocked off three minutes ago’.

‘Look Sir, you just go and phone control, they have a car driving around in London somewhere, it will be with you in an hour or two’.

‘But that woman will be dead’!

‘Yes, that is a shame, but that’s the way it goes. Goodnight Sir. Have a nice evening’.

‘Evening! sorry I’m late got held up man said a woman was being attacked right on the shift end, can you tell the next shift sarge’.


‘Yes Harry’

‘Duty sarge wants a word, says it’s important’.

‘You wanted me sarge’?

‘Yes Fred. Sit down. I have some bad news, it concerns your wife’……

About michaeldouglasbosc

I am retired and live with my wife on a small olive finca in the middle of a forest in the mountains of Spain in Catalonya. I served 9years in the armed services, am an engineer and because of my love of navy sailing ships a naval historian of the 1700-1800's, plus the author of 10 books. When I retired I started writing adult books my first being A Soldiers Wind. Then came Stanley's story again adult books such was his life. Another book on life in the 1950's this very much an adult book. I have now returned to my love of the sea and my latest navy book 'A Plymouth Story' follows the life of Dr James Blackstock. But Clearing In The Forest is an historical fantasy set in the middle ages at the end of King Johns reign. All the books are published on Kindle and Create a Space in paperback. I have worked all my life and for relaxation I sailed a coastal yacht for many years, but deep inside me was a writer waiting to get out. So when I retired I started writing I find story telling both relaxing and - for me - a pleasure.
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4 Responses to Help Police Help – Sorry We’re Clocking Off

  1. Interesting and these things happen all over the world. I see it as people so unhappy with their jobs, perhaps because of less pay, no overtime, no insurance, etc. So when that clock strikes end of shift they leave, even without replacements! But unfortunate story and the woman was his wife. Thanks for the read. Enjoyed it, but this world needs to be changed, as if tossing it up into the atmosphere and letting it settle into a better place to live. Sincerely, Nancy

  2. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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