Kill The Mit

I was watching Charlie Rose a couple of days ago, a round table of journalist dissecting Mit Romney and his political views. What exactly was he in favour of, what was he opposed to, does  he have any firm beliefs or is he like a reed that bends with the prevailing wind?

Do the Tea Party followers trust him? is he really a solid Republican or a Liberal? his views on health care, does he still believe in policies he passed when in office.

Most felt that his attitude to economic policy was not articulated in an open and frank manner. A business man of great wealth should have an understanding about every day economic activity, how companies operate and the climate in which they wish to carry out business. CEO’s like dealing with certainties, that is why they like the Chinese, no democracy to worry about, no delays or committees to investigate how they are operating.

But no politician in the USA could say to the electorate “let’s get rid of democracy and make economic decisions based on what is good for the country”. Is America dysfunctional, can it make decisions that a CEO would take and expect to be carried out? But the President does not have that kind of power.  He can make suggestions, put forward policies, but it is Congress that ultimately has the power over new laws, budget cuts or increases.

A sensible person like Mit Romney, knows that the President is effectively powerless in economic matters.  But he cannot say to the American people “elect me”, however nothing will change without Congress coming together. Both parties have pushed forward their own policies at great cost to the Nation.

Romney is staying clear of the economy because there is nothing to be gained for him. President Obama and the Congressional leaders are locked together in a deathly embrace, stay away from them both is the safest way.

That way Romney will get elected.

About michaeldouglasbosc

I am retired and live with my wife on a small olive finca in the middle of a forest in the mountains of Spain in Catalonya. I served 9years in the armed services, am an engineer and because of my love of navy sailing ships a naval historian of the 1700-1800's, plus the author of 10 books. When I retired I started writing adult books my first being A Soldiers Wind. Then came Stanley's story again adult books such was his life. Another book on life in the 1950's this very much an adult book. I have now returned to my love of the sea and my latest navy book 'A Plymouth Story' follows the life of Dr James Blackstock. But Clearing In The Forest is an historical fantasy set in the middle ages at the end of King Johns reign. All the books are published on Kindle and Create a Space in paperback. I have worked all my life and for relaxation I sailed a coastal yacht for many years, but deep inside me was a writer waiting to get out. So when I retired I started writing I find story telling both relaxing and - for me - a pleasure.
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