So The Knives Are Out!!!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! isn’t it sad, politicians showing their true colours, poor OLD NICK, what a shame! A progressive left of centre party teams up with the ‘toff’s’ from Eaton and it all ends in tears. Now who could have seen that coming?

The entire Lib-Dem party voted to lay down with dogs and now they have fleas. But it isn’t their fault, it’s that nasty OLD NICK, he caused it all. If it’s not the fault of the greedy Councillors getting paid vast sums of rate payers money, or the MP’s who can fiddle their expenses. Ah I know, it’s those horrible MEP’s who get twice as much money as any other elected officials. Or could it possibly be those European Commissioners who get even more money than  the Prime Minister and aren’t even elected!

No, poor OLD NICK, it’s all his fault. The Labour party would rather see him in hell before having anything to do with him, at least Vince Cable showed some resistance to the Tories, but  OLD NICK sold out – completely.

So there it is, those loyal members of the Lib Dem’s who all  voted for power are now showing their true colours, when it comes to the crunch get rid of “OLD NICK“.  After all it’s not their fault, they just did what they were told.


You voted to go the whole distance, right up to the gallows at least have the guts to see it through!

P.S.  I was watching Sky news this morning and a young woman correspondent gave her view of the election. She interviewed a voter in Rotherham who said he was a socialist and could not vote for ‘Red Ed’ as he was too ‘right-wing’  so instead he voted for UKIP.  Did you know that most of their voters are either ex-BNP or the far right of the Conservatives.

Take a look at the swing of voters where UKIP did well and the BNP vote evaporated.

RED ED…. too right wing?????

© Michael Douglas Bosc


About michaeldouglasbosc

I am retired and live with my wife on a small olive finca in the middle of a forest in the mountains of Spain in Catalonya. I served 9years in the armed services, am an engineer and because of my love of navy sailing ships a naval historian of the 1700-1800's, plus the author of 10 books. When I retired I started writing adult books my first being A Soldiers Wind. Then came Stanley's story again adult books such was his life. Another book on life in the 1950's this very much an adult book. I have now returned to my love of the sea and my latest navy book 'A Plymouth Story' follows the life of Dr James Blackstock. But Clearing In The Forest is an historical fantasy set in the middle ages at the end of King Johns reign. All the books are published on Kindle and Create a Space in paperback. I have worked all my life and for relaxation I sailed a coastal yacht for many years, but deep inside me was a writer waiting to get out. So when I retired I started writing I find story telling both relaxing and - for me - a pleasure.
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