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From A Cabinet Meeting 2013

Good Morning every one. Good Morning Prime Minister. Health Secretary have you seen this libelous blog about your department? Yes Prime Minister. Is this how people see our management of the health service? Unfortunately yes Prime Minister. This is terrible … Continue reading

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A NEEDLE it’s just a little prick.

Many many years ago when I were a little lad there used to be small hospitals, cottage hospitals, they were clean and healthy, nurses used to disinfect the wards clean everything in the wards and generally do what nurses should … Continue reading

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Medical Discrimination Against Men?

I have recently been thinking, and have done so for some years, why is it that medical treatment and checks are aimed at women only? You hear a great deal about breast and cervical cancer. Details of these tests and where women can go are given high … Continue reading

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Hospitals: Are You Fit To Die?

When Florence Nightingale arrived in Scutari, did she bring with her a legion of doctors or lorry loads of wonder drugs? NO, she just brought soap and clean water.  Hygiene and cleanliness were the weapons she used against disease, suffering and death.  She … Continue reading

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Some years ago I read an article by a health professional which stated that leukemia was a cure looking for a disease, this illness produces the vast amount of white blood cells who have no one to fight and consequently attack … Continue reading

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