Good Intentions and Broomsticks

I Should Have Known

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Good intentions are fickle!  You get them and if you are lucky they come off, but lately mine have taken a look at what I intend to do and bugged off quicker than a witch on a broomstick. It’s a bit like this picture looking down a tunnel wondering whats at the other end, believe me I know!!!!

stern view (188x251) (2)

So what were my intentions I hear you ask?  Nothing big actually, just things like getting the wall I was in the middle of building finished. Cracking on with my book – sequel to Clearing in the Forest – visiting the Club Nautique and my friend Pep, going out with my wife things like that.  HOWEVER, just like it did with James Blackstock in A Plymouth Story, fate decided to take a hand – literally!

img_0630-640x480 img_0627-640x480 img_0628-640x480 IMG_20160820_094222 (640x480)

Now I have told you about my hand and that I had been expecting a phone call from the hospital with a date for my operation, thinking it would be a while I started several things.  When the phone call came I had two days (Saturday & Sunday) to relax in.  RELAX???? flipping well relax?? if you have only ever had a minor op before when you were healthy and not on various tablets simple, but if you are getting on and rattle when you walk it’s not easy.  Anyway long story short I had the op, was awake, all ok (not as my beloved says way out on the anesthetic for the rest of that day) I decided to get on with things. First I showed my hand to the boys – not impressed – then decided that I should crack on with my writing and got caught out….  The last picture is of my hand plus stitches which have now been removed and it has healed nicely.

Petanca at Tivissa on a inter club competition

Petanca at Tivissa on an inter club competition

gardens-2227 gardens-2286

my friend Pep and I talking boats

my friend Pep and I talking boats

So once I had the stitches out we went to petanca to see if I could handle the balls and play, guess what quite a few of our friends have had this op so I got loads of advice on getting the finger supple again and have played very well actually. We have also stopped at Club Nautique for a drink and something to eat several times, chatted with Pep who is still doing great things for the club. Not much left to do except finish the wall, go to the beach for our evening walk, driving again (bending the fingers round the wheel) and going out with the wife – that means shopping – oh and writing of course.   Well I thought so far so good….

This is Where My Good Intentions Flew Away

DSC00012 (640x480) (328x448) (328x448)

Don’t believe it, things haven’t exactly gone to plan.  When my intentions saw I was about to start on the wall again collecting large stones, mixing cement etc., plus carry on typing they jumped on their broomstick and flew away.  Felt a bit like Jason did in A Bengal Poppy when the East India Company were trying to sell Opium to China for silver.  I then saw the Surgeon who said I needed physiotherapy 4 times a week for 1 month. Yep that’s about right torture 4 times a week hey ho but my hand will be ok after it. I blame the wife myself and the walls still not finished……

(c) M D Bosc   Author


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Torylaboursaurus Fossil Found

Through out history in every age there is a creature that arises and affects all it touches and then its time is past. Today is the time of the Mammals who haven’t been around for a great length of time on a planetary scale of things, but are making a determined attempt to destroy this world. We all look at the eight billion humans but tend to forget the hundreds of billions of mammals that are equally pumping out methane in vast quantities but the world coming to an end is not the reason for this brief post.

A political entity that came into being with the formation of unions and organised labour associations. A time when working men took their lives in their hands and many of them paid that ultimate price with many others being transported for life.

The freedoms we take for granted today have been given to us by these same people even to Grammar school pupils who would not have come into existence without the basic freedoms that had been fought for and gained by these heroic social fighters.

From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century was a time of great wealth for the aristocracy and eventually for the tradesman who rose up from technological advances. Be it in Gin, Beer and then manufacturing but not everyone can be at the top of the pile if there is nobody at the bottom who does the work? who buys the products, drives the buses and trains, or harvests the corn. During these times 99% of the wealth was in the hands of 2% of the population but they paid 90% of the taxes, because nobody else had any money. Today the 2% or 1% do not pay 90% of the taxes even if you pile on top all the major companies it is nowhere near 90%.

For a short while after two world wars attempts were made to share out the national cake, but in Britain it is all about conflict in industry. I want a bigger slice, is not about social justice so British companies went broke and foreigners come in to Britain and make industry run efficiently and profitably our car industry is huge but it isn’t British.

Organised labour in Britain is essential, but it should today, be about being more efficient and profitable not about conflict and strife. We do not suffer as our forebears suffered, we are not transported or taken in a cart to Tyburn.

When I was a lad my greatest ambition was to have a full stomach. Growing up in the forties and fifties with rationing, a lot of people had a shared view they had come together in a second great war was it all to be wasted but the country was broke. It seems that each time the country gets reasonably wealthy and people talk about sharing equitably something goes wrong and the wheel falls off.

If people who live comfortable lives and today we do, wish to reignite old wounds it can only end in tragedy. This is a time when Britain needs to come together and find a new future “Together” not as separate envious, jealous and greedy individuals, this applies to all sectors of society, rich and poor and everyone in between.

I have watched Political parties in Britain tear one another apart and the country with them over generations. Stop changing the country stop changing the rules stop introducing divisive policies put Britain first not your own personal bigotries, stop trying to turn the clock back we have moved on.

(c) M D Bosc  Author

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Writing About The Past and Opium


IMG_20160820_094222 (640x480)

Ok so this is a picture of my hand after the operation, and whilst you are wondering why I am using it here I will explain.

Writing about events that happened centuries ago and are well documented is one thing.  However, weaving a story around them whilst remaining within the bounds of that era  is either a writers dream  or nightmare.  You see it all depends on what you are writing about and whether you have done your research.

So how does that relate to my hand? well it all happened a few weeks ago which in theory means it’s already history. So if say at a later date I wanted to write something about a guy who had an operation I can recall my small operation.  I can with writers licence, remember the agony, pain, feelings of uselessness and frustration, then work on them until I have a really soul-searching, gut wrenching story of guy who is in so much pain he takes it out on the very people who are there for him.  And that’s how its done!  Embellish things exaggerate a bit but stay within the bounds of what is.

Bengal PoppyDSC00012 (640x480) (328x448) (328x448)

So when I wrote A Bengal Poppy I took a look at the opium trade between The East India Company and China.  Now the Chinese would only trade silver bullion for Opium often dealing with pirates and other small suppliers until the East India Company took over organized things and it became big business. Over time there were several Opium Wars and the Victorian ‘high moral standards’ decreed that there would be more.

This went on into the mid 20th century when there were still foreign gun boats and warships on the Chinese rivers up till 1948 when the Chinese revolution happened. Nothing is new really, Opium is still traded today only this time its heavily across the Mexican border.


(c) M.D.Bosc   Author

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In A Land Far Far Away

‘They seek you here  they seek you there  those MIB seek you everywhere  In a ‘land far far away’ on a planet on another day conspiracy came out to play.’

That is a rhyme told to me by Stanley when relating the incident of the B36.  This is one of his less preferred exploits, as an American government department tried to cover up and ‘remove’ all evidence of what happened.  Back then the British Government needed a little help to complete their own Atom bomb.  Now no one could be seen to openly help so a little plan was devised.  A B36 took off on a test flight which took it along the Alaskan coast line carrying a Mark 4 atomic bomb.  Somewhere along the line it developed engine trouble three of its engines were ‘on fire’ and, after removing the required element which made the bomb safe it was ditched into the sea but the plane still struggled to gain height.

What to do. As there was the matter of the crew a distress call was made and the pilot told the crew to ‘abandon ship’. They jumped but unfortunately some died the water is exceedingly cold up there out of 17 men only 12 survived.  The pilot was amongst them so how did the ‘disabled’ plane do something strange like gaining height turning right and flying over the coastal mountains into Canada and LAND not crash, but land.  The one thing that is ‘known’ is nobody walked away ie., ‘no bodies were recovered from the crash site.’ If there was nothing to Stanley’s story why, when they finally got there to this remote place, was the plane blown up? lots of questions.  But someone must have flown it there to land it, a plane on auto pilot does not land it crashes in a ball of flames.  Still that was the official comment, but Stanley knew he walked away.

Everything – well almost everything – can be found in official records as it was well documented, although, of course, nothing is mentioned about its real mission.  Exactly what happened, was told to me by Stanley, and you can find it in A Caring Killer –  go read.

In Memory of Stanley Saunders

(c) M.D. Bosc  Author





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In A Land Not Far Away

Once Upon A Time  

 gardens 1500

Once upon a time there lived an author named Michael who just had to write.  He had always wanted to write but until he retired he had no time. Work, sailing, naval history and his family took it all up. But still the urge to write was strong in him, so one day he decided that was it, gave up his job and moved to the mountains in the land of ‘Not Far Away’ and began writing.

gardens 2424 gardens 468

He would travel to see his family twice a year, even though the journey was arduous and began to affect his health, but always he was writing it was a hard time. Nothing seemed to be right, the story didn’t fit, the sun didn’t shine and he very often felt he was standing in a corridor he could see no end to, but still he ploughed on.  He had written a story about a friend from memories of things he had told him of his early life in London. But it didn’t seem right, it kept niggling at him what was he to do?

Monks, Old Friends and A Story

gardens 1507 gardens 154

gardens 2388 gardens 638

The one day the sun shone and Michael went up to the roof terrace to look at his mountains and forest, something had changed he could feel it. He decided to go for a walk and wandered off down to the river where the trees were bathed in the soft glow of the sun and the river shimmered and glistened, it sparkled as if strewn with diamonds he felt good.  That evening the sky put on a wonderful show, clouds looked as if they were on fire and glowed with warmth and the promise of things to come.

The next day when out for a walk Michael saw a monk coming towards him, now this was very strange what was a monk doing up here? as he drew near the monk spoke and Michael recognised a voice he hadn’t heard for years “you’re a hard man to find my friend.” it was his old friend Stanley.  Well that was not only a complete shock but a pleasant surprise.  They went back to the writers house and spent a few days catching up on their lives. When Stanley heard what he was doing he suggested that he told the full story and Michael write it down and that is how An East-end Boy came to life.  Stanley popped back and forth every now and then always there was no warning, the habit of a strange monk….

(c) M.D.Bosc -Author







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76% Discount For 2 Days

76% Discount for 2 days

IMG_0514 (2)

Clearing in the Forest – a fantasy story of children in the middle ages

by M D Bosc

Three young children are left destitute and driven from their village they meet a woman of the forest and strike a bargain for knowledge and food for survival. Ela the young girl is taught spells and potions by the woman while the boys hunt, a dangerous occupation in King Johns time. One is captured, mutilated and branded his mind broken the Witch restores his body too that of a giant. The girl witch and giant now take on the might of France to safeguard the freedom of England when King John dies.

You all said you liked it and kindly voted for it so from tomorrow -Friday – as a special deal you can buy it on Kindle at 76% discount for 2 days.

(c) M.D. Bosc – Author


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Book Covers and Bear Traps

Ouch My Foot

DSC00012 (640x480) (328x448) (328x448)

I am not an authority on book covers but having just finished putting my Books on Create-a-Space in paperback form, and having to create new covers I am reflecting a little on the job of book covers.  Should they reflect the contents or look tempting? I personally think they should do both. After all  when you pick a book up the first thing you see is the cover.  So I decided that the cover for A Bengal Poppy – which is about the opium trade between China and the East India Company in the Jason Watson Series – reflected the idea. An Opium poppy on a plain coloured background is a simple but compelling cover what’s on the inside? go read.  But which I wondered, is the most appealing? A picture or design in bright grabbing colour’s or in warm inviting ‘pick me up and read’ colour’s? I suppose it depends on the reader. I personally thought my choice for A Bengal Poppy was different and on one end of the spectrum.

Then there is the  problem of ‘loosing’ the  title and authors name in amongst the design of the picture and to my mind there in lies the Bear Trap.  One of the things a self-publishing writer needs to do is get his/her name out there, and the book cover can help do that. However, if you make the cover too bright it might stand out in your eyes but it can put a potential reader off. Plus adding the title and authors name in a different colour can and sometimes does destroy what you are aiming for.  If you make the cover too busy it can sometimes detract from the title and your name with the same outcome, so reaching that happy medium is quite a feat.  I have made the new covers for my books as midway as I can.  They depict the story in someway and the colours are gentle on the eye but, I feel, also warming and inviting, you don’t feel they will bite you if you pick them up.

Getting Help

IMG_0514 (2)


To help me in my decision I wandered over to my bookcase and took a look at the covers displayed there.  How they are presented, the style of the covers and I asked myself would I buy this book just on the cover if I picked it up in a shop?  In almost all cases the answer was yes I would (and I have). They depict the contents by being either interesting or action covers thus inviting me/you to pick them up open them and read.

As I have said it’s a ‘Bear Trap’ of a job for the author, unless you have an army behind you who do all that. You have to be careful where you place your ‘feet’ in this area, as there is always a trap waiting for you to step into it.  Once you have changing your mind and the cover to extract yourself  is often hard.

We all need help in one form or another and I have to admit I have made a few boo boos in this department. So this time I asked my wife and daughter what they thought about some of the covers I already had, hence the changes.  My daughter – who is an avid reader of Stephen King and my books – said ‘unless you are an established writer like Stephen King covers are important dad. The cover for Clearing in the Forest is just right it has the look of tranquillity but you can also feel there might be a ‘baddie’ lurking  somewhere.’

stern view (188x251) (2) (470x640)

So feeling brave I took a look at A Plymouth Story and applied the same rules, and with the help of GOOGLE Images I feel I have got it right.

You can find my books on Kindle and in paperback from Create a Space plus other outlets,  with hopefully no Bear Traps.

(c) M.D.Bosc  Author


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