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It Never Rains In Southern California

This could be a title for a song, only trouble is it never rains in California period.   So it’s not a new phenomenon for them, as year after year the land burns it’s just the scale that has changed. The lack of rain now affects most … Continue reading

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Water? Drought?

I look with amazement at the news of drought conditions in Britain.  A vast desert spreading before me with sand piling up against the Houses of Parliament.  The Thames run dry, people with buckets scraping at muddy holes to survive until the World … Continue reading

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Fire! Fire!

A report has just come in of a fire at the house of Francis Maude the Cabinet Office minister, witnesses said it was like a bomb going of, another stated it looked like an oil refinery ablaze. Fifty fire appliances … Continue reading

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Weather From Space. Continuing Story.

The continuing cycle, every eleven years, of Solar storms are hitting the Earth, vast flares leaping out into space from the Sun, visit the NASA site and see these amazing photo’s of nature’s energy pouring towards the Earth. The aurora borealis is … Continue reading

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