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It’s a funny old world, what is it they say? “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Just imagine you are a sophisticated lady from Boston or Desmoines, living the high life and enjoying the benefits that a democratic country … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Richard Branson

As I am sure you are aware being in the television business your self Freesat and The BSkyB system has moved to Astra2E and Astra2F satélites. These new generation satellites broadcast a narrow cone directed at the UK ,the footprint … Continue reading

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Who Has Stuffed ITV and SKY’s Advertisers??

Who has made ITV and Sky look stupid?  the BBC!!!!   They have recently changed the satellite signal cutting off most of Spain, Italy, Gibraltar (which is British) France and Germany. Mind you it is strange that Belgium can still get the … Continue reading

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